Let A&S customize your order with these in-house services:

Cutting bars, tubular goods, and beams to length.

Shape cutting or burning
CNC cutting plates to produce various shapes according to customer-supplied requirements (.dxf, .dwg, even pencil sketches).

CNC marking
Enables automated labeling of parts, indication of stiffeners or other members, or plate orientation for installation or further processing.

Cutting sheet/plate to non-standard measurements. Capacity is 3/4” aluminum, 3/8” stainless.

Your success depends on efficiency. You cut costs whenever possible while still delivering on time, quality work. That's why you'll like having Aluminum & Stainless on your team.

We operate our business with the goal of increasing your efficiency. Our quick deliveries mean quick turnaround times for your customers. It’s fast access to our extensive warehouse that allows you to cut overhead costs. And We’ll even deliver custom-cut items to speed production and allow you to order specific quantities.

Plasma tables, high definition plasma, and laser capability to cut aluminum and stainless steel sheet and plate up to 2" thick. We can router cut aluminum plate.

Why pay for and store material when you can buy only what you need? A&S can customize your order.

A&S will cut metal to the exact shape and size you need.

This service reduces excess material you would have to store, re-use or, worst of all, scrap. It’s just another way A&S helps you increase your bottom line.